A quick little in home shoot of Onyx having learned sit and drop with hand signals after 5 days

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This is young Norman. Practicing coming to his mum out and about.

Norman had a habit of just running away but After 3 weeks the practice mum has put in is paying off

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In this video I demonstrate getting a dog to bring a ball back when they choose not to – dogs don’t understand English but they interpret you body language and signals. If you need help to talk canine with your best mate simply jump to my website to find out prices.

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Fonzi starting some agility basics doing an awesome run at Chermside level 3 Obedience

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What does dad give a good girl on a hot day

Salmon ice cream for dogs from Pet Supersavers Kallangur

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Over 50% of the population allows their the dog training 101 to stay indoors

and sleep on the dog training 101 couch or in their owner’s bed

For the dog training 101 those of you who are interested in building a dog house for

you beloved pet here are some simple rules to follow when considering what type of shelter you want to provide.

the dog training 101

You should begin your dog house building process by making sure the house is big enough to accommodate your animal’s potential adult size.

Humans enjoy having about 2 feet of air above us in a room in order to live without feeling claustrophobic.

Your the dog training 101 will probably also enjoy having that much room

The pet comfort zone for both humans and dogs is about 1/3 of their standing height.

To figure out how much room the dog will need get out a tape measure and measure your dog.

Measure him standing straight up, sitting on his haunches and above all measure the

full dimension of the dog training 101 when he is the most comfortable

relaxed and stretched the dog training 101 video out position he can get into.

Your dog should be able to look out the front entrance while both standing up and sitting.

There are lots of dog lovers clubs in the US that offer a lot more for both the dog lovers and their dogs. Here are some of them.

The American Kennel Club has a dog lovers sections called For the Love of the Purebred Dog.

more than a canine purebred section,it is dedicated to living at home with dogs.

This dog club gives informative and educational materials pertaining to pet care, training, nutrition and a lot more.

It also includes funny stories, art, pet history and the more popular Companion Animal Recovery method.

There are also more popular sites like the dog breeds and events page.

The American Mixed Breed Obedience Registration or AMBOR on the other hand was

created in with the objective of taking into accounts the perseverance and accolades in obedience contests of mix breed dogs and handlers.

This dog lovers club also gives support and inspiration to the dog training 101.


So the dog training 101 will not have to significantly lover his front shoulders

or scrape his belly make sure that dog training 101 entrance is high enough

Stand over the dog and measure the width of the widest point of the animal’s shoulders.

Remember to raise the dog house several inches from the ground to allow air and water to flow underneath.

To dissuade pests from invading the dog house and taking your dogs health into consideration remember how important ventilation is.

Put in dog training 101 a few nickel sized holes in the walls under the eaves

Install a wind block inside the house so the dog can use the heat of its own body to warm up the area if it is really cold or windy outside.

dog training 101

Consider adding a partial wall which will allow your dog to escape the bad weather.

Your animal can choose to just sleep in the entry room or go around the inner archway maze wall into the inner sanctum.

Your beloved pet would probably love having a pillow or some sort of bedding to sleep on dog training 101.

To avoid rain coming into the dog house make the floor just a bit slanted toward the doorway and build the roof a little bit slanted, as well.

Make sure the house is well insulated but you should not paint the inside.

In the United States most storms come from the south and west so make sure the dog house faces a different direction.

Most dog house plans suggest that the dog house door faces east.

The cold air will not be able to whip through the entryway then.

It is suggested that you put hinges on the roof of the dog training 101

This dog training 101 video makes it easier for you to clean out your dog’s home.

You should clean the dog’s house as often as you give your dog a bath.

If your dog lives outside then he deserves to have a comfortable place to sleep and get out of harsh weather.

Hopefully these easy tips on building a dog training 101 house will help you get started.


So dog training 101 here is a quick easy way to blow steam off your dog this

dog training 101 video top

dog training 101

this dog training 101 is Onyx chasing her rope on the clothes line, man she can move

dog training 101 video now

To teach your dog tricks even easy ones you need to have some small reward treats, be in a quiet suitable place and keep the training sessions to 10 – 15 minutes or your dog

will start to get board, remember when he gets something right lots of praise and a reward treat, just be careful not to get him over excited or he will loose concentration.

Getting your dog to give you his paw, first get your dog to sit, then as you say the word ‘paw’ take your dogs paw in your hand, give the dog a treat, repeat this, after a few

dog training 101 videos

times do not take his paw so quickly, dog training 101 video say the word, count to one then take it, you should notice he is bringing his paw up as you say the word if he does not go back to backs.

saying it at the same time, do it a few more times then slow your response again.

After 2 or 3 sessions most dogs pick this one up quite happily.

The high five, like a lot of tricks the high five is a progression of an earlier trick, in this cast the paw trick this dog training 101 videos.

Hold a treat in your fingers and raise your hand slightly higher than you would for the

paw trick. You dog will think you want to do the paw trick and will reach for the treat with his dog training 101

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